Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Afternoon Tea

I have become a huge fan of afternoon tea.  It is incredibly civilized, flavorful and when shared with others, allows for conversation and relaxation.  Here is how it went down today.
My friends Ann and Gene were the most incredible of hosts.  Look at how she sets a tea table!  Loverly!

It was a quasi Vegan tea, with some bits here and there for the omnivores in the bunch.  Starting from the bottom of the picture: Sweet Fruit Bread (Ann Baked it), on the green platter were Curried Chickpea Sandwiches on Early Bird Multi Seed Bread, Open Faced Hummus, Avocado and Sprout on Oregon Herbed Bread and Toasted Early Bird Multi Seed Bread with Sliced Golden Delicious Apples and Vegan "Cream Cheese". On the rectangular silver platter were Open Faced Castelvatrano Olive, Pimento and Vegan "Cream Cheese" sandwiches on the Oregan Herb bread, toasted Early Bird Multi Seed Bread with Tomato, Basil and Olive Oil and more of the Curried Chickpea.

Did I mention Ann made Scones?  They were a vegan scone, thanks to the Vegan Yum Yum recipe.  More of a biscuit, but very good.  I ate mine with some Earth Balance spread and a drizzle of Coconut Nectar.  Others slathered Ann's homemade Raspberry Butter on top.  That was a big hit.  As was her Chokecherry Jam.

Ann also had some phyllo cups (not sure why they were bright red, but they were very festive) filled with an heirloom tomato and herb pesto.  Wonderful!
We had green tea, herb tea and a flowering jasmine to top of the tea.  An afternoon well spent.