Friday, February 27, 2015

LYFE Kitchen-A Review!

One of the biggest problems with eating out is that when you are trying to eat healthier, you can't always find food that fits your plan. Or when you do, it's often bland or boring. Also, if you go somewhere with friends who eat differently than you do, someone is usually left out of the good food table, if ya know what I mean.

I received a gift card from family for LYFE Kitchen and decided to try it out in the hopes that all the bases would be covered. Something for everyone, healthy options, and flavor. Please let there be flavor!

My friend TT met me, and that helped get a meat eaters opinion of things. The space is bright and colorful with comfortable seating. It even looks as if there is a larger room in the back that would make a great meeting/conference lunch space.

We ordered at the counter and headed to our table. Drinks came quickly, hot tea for me and a seasonal warm Chia Cider for her. Waitstaff was attentive, but not obtrusive. There was a mix up on our app order, probably made by us, but the were quick to fix it.

TT had the Corn Chowder, which she loved and said wasn't too sweet, as some can be. She also dug into a nicely done Grilled Chicken and Avocado Sandwich.  It came on a gorgeous whole grain bun and with a side of greens.

I had the Thai Red Curry Bowl that was fantastic! There was just enough spice to make my nose run on a freezing cold day, which I don't mind at all. The tofu and eggplant gave a nice mild counterpoint to the spice and wheatberries added great texture.

Our Vegan Unfried Buffalo Chick'n Strips came as we were digging into our food. And they were the only "meh" of the meal. I love the Gardein strips they use, as their texture and crunch were perfect, but the sauce was more a spicy marinara than a vinegary Buffalo Wing sauce.

All in all I would go back again, with a group especially, as everyone will find something that works for them on the menu, including flavor!