Friday, February 13, 2015

Rosenberg's with KRosenberg! (A Review)

I'm only a schmear Jewish, 1/8th actually. But I grew up in upstate NY, and NYC bagels are almost a religion that close to the city. Not as sacred as NY Pizza, but pretty damm close.

I live in Colorado now, and finding a true NYC bagel here has been impossible. But I've been hearing good things about Rosenberg's in Denver. I was a bit wary. I'll admit it, bagels mean something to me. They have to have a chew, a toothsomness to the outside and a light but chewy inside. Anything else is just a lump of cooked dough.

So off I headed, and luckily my friend KRosenberg agreed to join me!

Loved the clean feel of the place and as I walked down the hallway to the counter, I was greeted by a heartening view of smoked fish being prepared. Can't partake in it any more personally, but it was a good omen of things to come.

We ordered at the counter which also showcased more of the smoked fish...

A great variety of schmears, including a vegan cream cheese!

The icing on top of the black and white cake? Black and white cookies! Hell yes!

I was really hoping to try several bagels and a bialy. But they only have the bialy's on Saturdays and Sundays. Zoinks!! 

I got a tub of the vegan cream cheese, a whole grain bagel and a salt bagel. KRosenberg got herself a good looking Breakfast Sandwich. We headed into the dining area to await our order.

KRosenberg mentioned that the place has a real NY feel to it. Maybe it's the light rail gliding by right outside, the smell of the bagels and lox. But it sure wasn't our waiter. He was all sorts of kind and sweet. No in your face attitude at all.

And there they were. True NYC bagels right here in Denver! The toothsomeness, the light interior, the perfect crusting of salt. Next time I'll partake in a pumpernickel one for sure.

Great job Rosenberg's! You've made this bagel ranting obnoxious NY'er very happy.