Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Subduing the Binge Beast

I have an eating disorder. I am a Binge Eater. And no it isn't something I can just "get over". That's not how eating disorders work.

Perhaps you understand. You won't if you're one of those folks who tell me "Oh, I know! I almost ate an entire Twix bar once!" Nope. Nope. Nope.

You'll understand if you've ever gotten to the bottom of a pint of Ben & Jerry's and were in a panic wondering if there was another in the freezer. If you've ever yelled up to a friends mom to "Bring the whole bowl of Halloween candy down to the TV room!" And if you've ever taught yourself to unwrap the Hershey Kisses faster than you can eat them, so you always have one on deck. If this rings true you are my people.

It all comes from deep emotional turmoil. And I thought I had it under control, that Binge Beast. I mean look....

This was then (2007)-

And this is me now (about 2 hours ago)-

No matter how in control you feel life can dump a case of lemons on you. This last year I've dealt with heartbreak, hormonal fluctuations and career upheaval. That's a lot of lemons. And in the past I would have used one of the lemons to break the glass on the emergency doughnuts.

That doesn't happen as often now. A basket of fruit and air popped popcorn are on hand to subdue the Beast. But I'm not perfect. The Beast took over the strings just the other day and I found myself face first in a Bear Claw.

I fight back, every day, against those strings the Beast tries to pull. Because I refuse to die from a heart attack or stroke brought on by eating too many Tim Tams. Nope, when I go, it will be because I laughed too hard at a dick joke.

So if you or someone you know can understand the Binge Beast, please share because I am not alone...We are not alone.

Kimchi Mashed Potatoes
Serves 2
These soothe the Beast by satiating me and giving my gut the probiotics they need.

1lb.   Yukon Gold, Red Skinned or Fingerling Potatoes
1/4 cup  Earth Balance Margarine
1/2-2/3 cup Kimchi, chopped
Salt to taste

Boil the potatoes until extremely soft, like break them down with a fork soft. I leave the skins on for added nutrition, fiber and texture.

Mix in the Earth Balance and kimchi. Season with salt and serve. 

(Served here with Steamed Sesame Broccoli and Roasted Tempeh Filet.)