Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Woman's Place on International Women's Day

Here are a few of my favorite female food influencers, innovators and chefs through history in honor of International Women's Day. For some women, myself included, we do find a women's place is in the kitchen. Because we find power, artistry, comfort and joy there.

Catherine de Medici-may or may not have taught the French to eat with a fork, but definitely brought her chef's to the French court and influenced cuisine as we know it.

La Mere Brazier-Eugenie Brazier was such a formidable presence in Lyon that she haunts Paul Bocuse's dreams. And the first woman to be awarded 3 Michelin Stars and the first chef to hold six (between two restaurants).

MFK Fisher-I find her writing about food to be not only sensual but sensible. Which is how food speaks to me.

Edna Lewis-At the forefront of recapturing the flavors of the dwindling southern culinary tradition, she was not only a woman making her way in a male dominated culture, but an African-American award winning author as well.

Amanda Cohen-Chef at the renowned, and award winning vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy. She creates food that excites without compromising any of her values. Extraordinary!

Who are your influencers?