Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beet Box Cafe-A Review

When you eat Mostly Vegan it's not all that easy to find an all vegan place to eat. And what is wonderful about when you do is that they have a whole selection of food for you. Not just one or two items on the menu (I love you hummus, I do, but there are other options for sandwiches people!) Beet Box in Denver is an all vegan Bakery and Sandwich Shop. It was so good I went twice so that I could sample more and give a more complete review.

First time around I went with the The ABC. Warm rustic bread, crunchy and soft,  mustardy, pickled beets, cashew cream cheese and roasted almonds all melding into a very satisfying sandwich, It was a revelation actually. Finally, a sandwich that delights and doesn't bore you!

Second time around I brought my friend Kerry along. Like me, she perused the menu online before hand and was eager to try it out. We got two different sandwiches and some donuts to share. The space is brick walls, sunlight, booths and tables. Casual, order at the counter, they give you a number, you sit, they bring. I like that for lunch. Not as fast as fast food, not as slow as a typical sit down joint.

Chickpea of the Sea wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I thought a more Tuna-fish like salad would occur. Although the name is misleading the sandwich transcended my expectations. Curry chickpeas had a nice spice, crunch and sweetness of sliced apples added texture and flavor, and all on a tender whole grain bread. Damm straight! (All their offerings come with a side of chips....I do love a chip.)

Tofu Bánh Mì was a bit of a worry at first. The lovely baguette was hard to bite into, but when you let the sandwich sit for a bit it starts to soften from the melange of elements inside. Baked tofu, vegan garlic mayonnaise (which to both of us was the stand out, star and all around most wonderful element of the sandwich) and pickled vegetable mix, match and sing!

The shop carries plenty of baked goods, pastries, cupcakes, bread etc. But I went straight for the Baked Donuts. On my first trip I tried the Chocolate Coconut and it was stellar! Perfect crumb, not too sweet, and lovely.

Second time out I went for the Vanilla Coconut, there are other kinds to try, but dammit I like coconut! Don't judge me!

Kerry grabbed an Almond Gluten Free Donut as well. This was the only meh of the whole trip. Taste was good, but texture was gummy.

Over all we both felt that this was a solid Hell Yeah! Oh and we saw a guy at another table with what appeared to be the Grilled Avocado sandwich...that's on the list for next time.