Monday, March 9, 2015

Meatless Monday-The Beast Arrives!

A group of us veg heads have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Beyond Meat's Beast Burger in stores. The time has arrived people!! There are some in the veg community who miss burgers, they don't miss the fat, cholesterol and cruelty. But they do miss the flavor and being in on the throw it on the grill, toss it in a bun and top it with everything crowd. So here we go...

I of course decided to tart it up with some Daiya Cheddar Slices, because the more the merrier. (I even went for the vegan trifecta when I realized I had Just Mayo in the fridge and threw that on top too.) And then some sautéed kale to really annoy the meat and potatoes people, all on top of an herbed bun.

The burger isn't a flavored filled veggie burger, but it is a very good replication of a frozen beef patty.Therefore it needs you to add your toppings to make it your burger, just as you would if it was a frozen beef patty. This will absolutely be my go to when I'm invited to a cook out and asked to bring my own protein.