Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Porridge You Glad?-Juk, Congee and So Much More!

Just found out today, from my bud Flood, that congee/juk is a macrobiotic recipe. I thought I wanted to make it because I've been fascinated with this Asian porridge ever since I first tried it at a dim sum palace. But maybe the bowl I made with shiitakes and dandelion greens was an answer to what my body was asking for? Don't know. Don't care. It was good. Damm good. Like gotta make it again soon good.

I had some shishito peppers on hand that I seared in my wok as well with a toss of salt. I mean, why not?

Brown and red rice mix went into the slow cooker on high with a 1-8 ratio of rice to broth. I also tossed in about a tablespoon of garlic. Let it go, stirring from time to time, for 4 hours. You're looking for a thick, oatmeal like consistency, you know, porridge.

Since I have a jar full of shiitakes I re-hydrated some, cut them into small pieces, and seared them in the wok. They got added into the congee.

The dandelion greens were tossed in the wok with shallots and coconut oil, then doused with the liquid from the reconstituted shiitakes and a splash of soy to braise for about 5 minutes. They can be bitter, so the  braising helps to mellow them a bit, while still leaving a little bite that livens up the mellow congee.

Mixed and melded together it made a very satisfying bowl of happiness. I think this is going to be dinner as well. I'm all grown up, I can do that. (That's Korean Sesame Chili sauce drizzled over the top.)