Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sumac to Do!

The sumac I bought a few weeks ago was starting to intrigue me. Where to use it? And then I saw a note about using it on potatoes. Perhaps I have mentioned my undying love for potatoes?

So I cut them up into fries. Tossed them with olive oil, sumac and salt, and roasted them in the cast iron pan at 375 until crispy and perfect.

The sumac lends a tart sweetness, not all overpowering, very mild and quite right for a potato. But what to serve them with? I was turned onto Toum, a middle eastern garlic paste, when I first started to travel to Detroit. But the store that sometimes has it here was out. So I faked it. Mixed Just Mayo with a ton of minced garlic and dug in. That's the stuff!