Friday, March 6, 2015

Taj III-A Review (And Happy Holi!)

The Holi Hindu Celebration is a virtual riot of color and food celebrating love and the coming of spring. Which is lovely and gives me an excuse to eat lot's of Naan, Saag and other wonderful multi-voweled foods with friends.

(This pic is from a Holi celebration I was witness to last year in Seattle.)

Friends and I headed to Taj III in Louisville for our own mini celebration. I've been going there for years and find the food to be more developed and with a more festive atmosphere than the Taj (a sister restaurant) in Boulder. Yes we went for the buffet, but when you want to try EVERYTHING, nothing beats it.

The chutney variety was standard, tamarind, mint and raita, but then there was strawberry onion chutney (what? yeah, good, very!) and spicy pickle which had a kick to them. Not everyone appreciated their flavor, but some of us were really digging them.

The naan was brought fresh and warm to the table, which is much better than the places who serve it on the buffet where it can grow cold and hard. I give the bread here at Taj II a sold mid vote. And only because the naan at Curry N Kebob in Boulder blows away all naan I've ever had.

The buffet had Pea Pilau (the rice) which was fine, not anything mind blowing, but solid. As we move clockwise, a cauliflower dish was the favorite of mine, but I loves me some cauli! Steamed broccoli, again, fine, nothing wrong, but boring. Channa Masala was the one that was a table fav. I don't know how they get the chickpeas so soft and yet not mushy, and the spice was mild but tangy too.  Saag paneer (one of the dishes I'll fall of the vegan wagon into) was good, again solid, but not overly spiced. Tucked in the middle of my plate is a potato and pea stuffed samosa. Crispy and soft all at the same time. What is not to love?

As for the meat dishes, my buddy BA found the tandoori chicken to not be as tender and a fried fish (served as an app on the buffet near the samosas) was meh. The Garlic Chicken though garnered high praise from him.

So if you're a vegetable lover, head over and steer clear of some of the meat dishes.