Monday, March 2, 2015

The Source-A Review!

Controversial is how this review will be I am sure. Because I am not all gaga over The Source. To me it was a bit too precious and overwhelmingly hipster.

The space is beautifully done, industrial and airy, in a neighborhood that is just starting to come into it's own, but still keeps itself rooted in it's gritty past.

And the two restaurants there, Acorn and Comida are solid, worth while eateries. Love the both of them.

But the rest of the vendors...well they leave me a bit meh...

Perhaps it's me, I'm sober, so the booze and beer don't do it for me, but funny that they are both open on a Monday at noon when the Bakery isn't (should have looked into their hours more, that's on me). The bakery, Babettes was the biggest draw for me today. I really was hoping to grab a whole grain rustic French bread that I've heard raves about. Another time perhaps.

Boxcar Coffee Roasters do a great job making/roasting hipster coffee. I have nothing against a well roasted cup of coffee, but I don't drink it. I drink tea. And they had tea bags for me, not loose leaf selections to match the care and quality they put into their coffee. A personal beef of mine.

Svper Ordinary was a shop selling the types of things you can find at a museum gift shop. Wonderful things that make great gifts, but they had like 7 things there (ok, I exaggerate, but still, it seemed out of place and very limited in selection.)

The Cheese shop, Mondo Market, had an ok assortment, but again I don't partake anymore. I perused their pastas, canned and jarred goods, seeing a nice selection there. Was very pleased to see Fregola Sarda pasta, which is unique, but the Bucatini they carry is DeCecco, which I can find at the place where foods are whole, for a bit less. Their bulk spice selection, though, was exemplary. I grabbed some Zaatar, Sumac and Aleppo Pepper so that I can play with them soon.

Speaking of the place where foods are whole, I know of several very talented meat cutters (I'm talking about you Kyle and Troy) who could do as well or better than Western Daughters Butchers. I love the idea of artisinal butchers who work with superb pastured meats, but being open only 5 days a week with very exclusive pricing strikes me as too full of themselves.

Lot's of lumbersexuals, beards, skinny jeans rolled up and man buns predominated all around the space. One of the beards next to where I was sitting was very nice to watch, but on the whole, I'll need to see a bit more reality at The Source for me to stop by on the regular.