Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dutch John, UT!

The Flaming Gorge Recreation Area and the Green River were some of the best camping I've ever done. Maybe it is because I am heading out now on my trip, and I'm riding high on the "here I go!" fumes. Or maybe it's because it's just beautiful there!

My buddy Joe headed there some days earlier to do some recon, which is now my favorite way to camp. Send him on ahead to find the places to be, and then I swoop in and he drives me around.
Dutch John, UT was our base camp and he found a sweet spot on BML land for us to camp.
First night we headed down near the dam so he could throw out some casts and see what's what.

It rained as we were setting up the tent, but later, as the sun set, the dew on the grass glowed.

Next morning I made my usual oatmeal but now it's camp oatmeal!

We headed out further from the dam and I set off on the trail to run, while Joe made his way along the bank to fish.

The trail wound along the bank, touching on some camping sites here and there til it ended by a butte jutting out over the water. So...I climbed up to sit, snack and selfie.

That afternoon we headed to the lake. I was too beat to hike, so I perched under some shade to read a book. 

Joe was sure he wouldn't catch a thing...he was wrong!

That night, we watched the sun set, and the clouds displayed their colors for us. It was incredible.

I'm in Boise now, with a week of more adventures ahead! Thank you Utah and Joe for the perfect beginning.