Monday, June 1, 2015

Preparing to Launch

This Round the World trip is a go! Today I'll explain a few of the why's and wherefores.

I was suddenly without employment in January and the search for a job the next 3 months proved fruitless. So I had an idea. A crazy idea...I texted my friend KB and asked "What if....I sold it all and traveled around the world?" And she said "DO IT!" The Old Bird (my mom) has been wonderfully supportive as well. I mean she hates my hair cut, but she loves that I'm getting out to see the world! I've only been to Canada and Mexico, so there is so much to discover.

I've sold my condo and either sold or donated almost everything in it to friends, family and good causes. (15 cases of books donated to the library, after about 10 friends came over to take what they wanted!) I am now dog sitting in Boulder until I head out on June 11th. I'll update where I'm heading next week when I have purchased my Round the World Ticket.

A few notes about my journey:

I'll post on Facebook and Instagram at least once a day. The blog will be updated once a week. I'll also be using Periscope from time to time when I'm somewhere I think you'll want to share right then. If you are a Twitter user you probably know about Periscope, if not, Google it. I'm looking into an interactive map so you can follow along. Will have this updated soon.

This will be a big part of my journey as most of you know Food is My Life!

I'll be eating what I call Mostly Vegan as I go. I don't eat meat or dairy as the cholesterol will make my heart explode. I have started eating an egg a day because the B vitamins have helped ease some hormone/thyroid issues I've been having. And of course, if there is a baked good (looking at you France!) or amazing seafood I will try some. So keep your "Is that vegan?" hysteria to yourself. (This means you Tuffy!)

I will continue to try and run 5-6 days a week. Some will be on trails, some will be intervals in a city park. I'll post pics and info when they are interesting.

Accommodations: There are family, friends and acquaintances I will be staying with as I go. Also there will be opportunities for me to WWOOF  here and there. I'll also be looking into house sitting as well. I didn't win the lottery, so finding inexpensive lodging will be a priority. 

People: I know I'll meet plenty of interesting people along the way. If you or folks you know will be where I'm headed, let's connect. It's always nice to have local source of info of where to go and what to do. Again, I'll post the tentative itinerary next week.

Safety: I'll be updating almost every day but will let all know when I'll be out of cell/wifi range. 

Ultimately although this journey is mine, me being me, I want to share it with all of you. So please ask questions, give suggestion and travel with me.