Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Easing Around Russian River!

A few days were spent wandering about The Castro, Mission District and, of course, Chinatown in San Francisco. I like the vibe of all those very different places.
My brother took me to a dim sum bakery called, and I shit you not, Good Mong Kok(!) where all that you see in the upper left picture came to less than $7!! Including the Sweet Malaysian cake, close up pic lower left. The sweet on the right is called Dragon's Beard Candy, hand stretched into sweet, thread thin fibers, that are than wrapped around chopped peanuts, heavenly!
Please notice my brother Aaron, the lovely candy model, showcasing it on a Chinatown street.
I love hanging with him as we have similar eating/food sensibilities. We were able to get away north to the Russian River area north of San Francisco for a few days. We spent most of time there giggling and eating.
In one small town we thought about grabbing an afternoon snack of something sweet and cold...but luckily we both agreed to see if we could find someplace that was truly worth it...
...and boy did we! Located in an old bank building in Greenville CA is a pie and ice cream place called  Chile Pies Baking, in the Guernville Bank Club.
Antique store wanderings always amuse me with some of their offerings...porcelain doll arm or torso anyone?
Earlier we also grabbed a rustic loaf from Wild Flour Bread in Freestone. They bake the loaves that are crusty, chewy, hearty and flavorful.
Accommodations were found via AirBnB in Grotan CA which put us within walking distance of the Willowwood Market Cafe for dinner with friends. Now that's sweet!
One of the best things I've ever eaten was at Scopa in Healdsburg. Several friends recommended it. The Ravioli were light, lovely, dreamy and perfect. Go there, eat them!

I'm back with my Vallejo cousin's tonight, then on to Santa Cruz tomorrow!