Friday, July 10, 2015

Leaving Portland

The two weeks I've spent here I've been busy planning, walking, running, meeting with friends, and of course, eating! Portland has been a welcoming place, what with the food trucks, healthy lifestyles and friends.
Running in Forest Park is always a good time, and the trees helped me keep cool in the crazy 90 degree heat.
There was a Lebanese feast at Nicholas Restaurant, where I got to catch up with my favorite Ruski, Angelika and her sweet guy Joel.
We also got together for some fantastic Japanese at Shigezo.
Sesame Spinach and a Seaweed Salad.
Seared Okra and Shushito Peppers.
Cold Udon Noodles with Kim Chi.
Could not believe my luck in stumbling upon the ever elusive Bialy at Bowery Bagel!
Tonight was my last night staying with my friend Kelly and we had to hit Pambiche, a Cuban place that is a quick walk from her place.
I believe the restaurant where Kelly and I were working at when we met, almost 20 years ago, was like a beach and we were all driftwood that washed up on it. I'm truly grateful for that fortuitous tide. This strong, crazy, beautiful, mouthy, intelligent woman will always hold a place in my life. There is no one I'd rather have call me a dumbass and then laugh hysterically with me about it.
I'm heading south along the Oregon/Northern California coast now, and will end up north of San Francisco to spend time with family and friends by Monday.