Friday, August 7, 2015

Stop Apologizing Wellington!

Yes it's winter here, and blustery, rainy and sometimes all out chilly. But we're talking 50F chilly, and the rain brings green lushness to the landscape. So please, no apologies needed.
Wandering the city is easy, buses and trains are smooth and clean. And when a chill strikes as I wander I pop into one of the coffee shops that are everywhere for a cuppa and a baked good. That doesn't suck!
I took a run/hike along the waterfront, up some winding staircases and trails to the top of Mt. Victoria right in the center of town.
Moore Wilson's is a wonderful market that I fell in love with, and I apparently only wandered in 1\2 of it.
And this below? Is NOT a doughnut. Looks like one sure, but it's just a sweetbread masquerading as a doughnut, shame on you Wellington!

My last night before I headed north, I had dinner with my childhood friend Pamela at Loretta. Urban chic, rough elegance at its finest. Beet Pate (vegan) to begin, Freekah, Radiccio and Brussels Sprouts salad for me and "Wet" Risotto for her. And of course an Affogato, some sweet bites and pot of tea to finish!
I'm in Auckland now for but a day as I head north to Opua in the Bay of Islands tomorrow.