Saturday, September 12, 2015

At Last Margaret River!

I've been hearing about how wonderful Margaret River, in Western Australia, is for years now from my good friends Ann and Gene. For almost 10 years they spent 4 months out of year here. As I was in WAU, I had to go see for myself.
This group of Roo's were hanging out in the paddock throughout my stay. They're like deer wandering about in your back yard.
I was lucky enough to stay at Karibu Cottage just outside of town. Libby and Robb were wonderful, gracious and very knowledgeable about where to go and what to do. 

Their twins, Alice and Sarah, lent a hand as we put together tortellini filled with roasted cauliflower and served topped with arugula pesto and a green veg filled salad.
Yeah that's avocado toast and a cuppa again. I have it often when I'm out and about, as I can.
I took a good long trek to Prevelly, a surfers paradise. The sea is such a blue! Here in the picture it was storming a bit. It was awe inspiring.
Libby had a recipe for Morrocan Fish, so we served it up with cous cous and on the side roasted potatoes and asparagus. Both of them were straight from the garden.
And here we have a very traditional Aussie and NZ dessert, Pavlova, that Libby whipped up. Served with cream and blueberries here.

Other friends, Lynn and Shirley hosted us for a morning tea and I took these flower and guinea fowl pics at their place.
And let's not forget Molly, Libby and Robb's poodle. She is a two time venemous snake bite survivor and very loving.
Now I'm back in Perth for a bit.