Sunday, September 6, 2015

Auzzie, Auzzie, Auzzie!

Landed in Perth on Monday and its been go, go, go since then. Perfect for me as I hate sitting still!
Denise and I have known one another for about 16 years, where we met at a cooking school in Boulder. She and her husband John have been fantastic hosts/tour guides.
When I arrived we headed right over to a Monday market half a block from their house,! I had martabak, which is a flat bread filled with lentils and spinach, had to have some roasted corn as well.
After a morning run/walk along the Swan River with a bunch of ladies I had some more tea and toast. Vegemite accompanied it wonderfully.
Cooking with/for Denise is always a pleasure. Here we had Pan au Tomat, roasted asparagus and cauliflower potato soup.
More ladies on Wednesday, gathered for a bike ride along the coast. That's the Indian Ocean behind us. What a blue!
And more tea, with a caramel slice.
Made dinner that night, roasted chicken for them, tofu for me, on miso noodle bowls.
This here, tea and a book, thats a favorite way to spend an afternoon.
More ladies gathered for dim sum, yam cake with XO sauce here.
It's starting into spring here and I got to wander Kings Park with my buddy Gavin (from the US and going to university here) to explore the flowers. That is Kangaroo Paw there.

Saturday farmers markets had varieties of cooked food and fresh veg. Above is a middle eastern shashousk, eggs in spicy tomato sauce.
Denise knew of a secret garden that was weird and wonderful.

Today we ran/walked through The John Forrest National Park. There was red tailed black cockatoo eating a gum nut.
That beak really does a job on the super hard gum nut, which ssmell like limes.
Denise and John are always up for adventures!

I head south to Margaret River on Tuesday.