Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kuala Lumpur!

What a long hazy trip it's been...
I don't want to overwhelm with all the pictures I've been taking, so you'll see plenty of collages along the way. Throw a comment my way if you have a question about any of them.
The Islamic Art Museum was filled with awe inspiring exhibits. These are just a few detail shots.
There are hawker stands all over the city, morning, noon and night. The triangle's in the lower left are filled with corn and peanuts, so easy to love.
This is Puti Piring- rice flour dough forming a cake around a filling of coconut. Here they've cooked it in Bamboo rings. Light and sweet, lovely.
The choices of eats and sweets are overwhelming!
A flower break.
The front steps of my residence here, via AirBnB.
It may seem as if I spend most of my time wandering hawker stalls because I am. The smog/smoke haze is too thick for me to safely run, so I'm hiking my ass to and fro to taste and see all that I can.
Kaya toast, which is egg, coconut and sugar mixture slathered on toast. #notvegan
I've even found a vegan sushi.
Visited the Batu Caves. There are over 270 steps to the top, and visually stunning.

These are some more random pics.
My new favorite breakfast, and its vegan, roti with dal. That and a cup of sweet tea will set you back $.78US!
New friends Helen and Mark (via old friends Denise and John) took me out for a wonderful afternoon High Tea. How fancy are we?!
Grabbing a train in the am to head north to Penang!