Thursday, September 24, 2015

Singapore Dream!

I've been dreaming of getting to and eating my way around Singapore for about 15 years. And I made it! Fucking-a-right!!!
First thing I did after checking into my hostel was run out to find the nearest hawker stand to fill my gob with noodle soup. Well...I thought the soup I tried may have been pigs blood soup. And for those of you wanting to say "But you're Vegan!?" Don't get your knickers in a twist, I'm mostly vegan. I'm on this trip to have adventures after all. And that soup is an adventure I need never have again. The veg were great, but I was turned off by the metallic taste. Turns out it's "Spicy and Sour Soup", all vegetables after all. The spice was incredible! Schechuan peppercorns perhaps? My taste buds have yet to recover.

Most hawker centers, think mini malls for food stalls, have cut fruit and agar agar jelly (vegan jello). That purple is ridiculous!
My last name may not seem that unique but spelling Clarke with an e on the end isn't that popular. (A great uncle of mine actually removed the e so, according to him, it would cost less to paint his name on the door of any business he started...he never did start a business.) Not only Clarke St here in Singapore, but Clarke Quay (pronounced Key)!
Sometimes my hunger to try as much food as I could means some fish happens....
But mostly I ate vegan, like these tofu skin balls with veg.

These were the tiniest, tastiest pineapples I've ever had!
The city is a crazy mix of old and new architecture, temples and alleys. I prefer the old parts of town personally. 
Today the haze/smog is so thick you can almost chew it.  Also, sweating gallons in this humidity is the norm.
Had spontaneous dim sum lunch with brand new friends (one of them a Boulder native, but of course!) and now onto Kuala Lumpur!