Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tanz to Zanzibar!

I spent some weeks with the sweet Coyle-Browns in Arusha Tanzania. They gave me a much needed dose of friends, kids, dogs and Mamma Jackie to bring me back to myself after India beat me up.
Had a blast teaching this bunch a Dumpling Class.
Oh and they let me tag along on Safari with them. Mind blowing! Their friends at Matembezie Safaris gave me an unforgettable glamping experience.

I'm in Stone Town Zanzibar now. It is beyond hot and humid. But wandering through the alley like streets and discovering the street food makes me happy.
The son of the proprietress of my guesthouse offered to show me around. Abdulla has lived here all his life and is adept at finding the out of the way places. And his cell phone ring tone is Justin Biebers "Sorry", so that's perfect.

 This is a bakery where they bake thousands of loaves daily. And roast some peanuts.
These bananas are gigantic! Used for cooking, they are called " Elephant Fingers" in Swahili.
 Okra and chapati, Arab and Indian Influenced.

This is an ijira like pancake, with collards, beans and peas. That was breakfast. Damm good.
My directional dysfunction, oddly enough, isn't a problem on the streets here. There seems to be enough visual clues, doors, alleys, store signs, that I'm able to find my way through the maze almost easily. Yeah me!
The beaches here on the west side of Zanzibar are OK, but I head to the east today.